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What We Do

Organization is the key to our process.

It start's with your support

Thanks for donating & sharing our story.

With donations from our friends, family and neighbors our work is possible. When you donate - we take your generous contribution and supply college students with food resources.

We shop with intention and a budget

Discount and warehouse stores are our friend.

We purchase food items in bulk to cut down costs and increase our food count for the students we serve. Warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club help us obtain enough food to support students. We utilize stores like these during our four drives throughout the year.

Packing and Drop Off

Recyclable material is crucial - we use paper bags or boxes to pack food.

Giving college students something they can conveniently cook and packaged in a material that can be used again; matters to MarketBoxx. We collaborate with volunteers and sponsors to deliver and meet college students where they are, on-campus.

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